How to eliminate smoke, curry, and other stubborn odors from any room


Sooner or later every apartment building, hotel, and rental property will have a foul, stubborn odor that was caused by smoking, a fire, or cooking with spices and oils, including curry.


Smoke has properties of a gas and of a solid, so some heavy particles drop to the floor while others stay suspended in the air. This is why smoke is particularly hard to eliminate. You can clean every surface, repaint the walls and put down new carpet but there will still be floating particles in the air and HVAC system. Similar to smoke, cooking oil and spices at too high of a heat creates a vapor that suspends in the air and clings to the walls and ceiling.


A popular and easy-to-use solution to this problem is the PUNCH deodorizing bomb. It has a trigger that is pushed down and locks in place. A fine mist/vapor then totally releases for the next 30 minutes. The vapor captures and encapsulates all remaining mal odor molecules. The pleasant fragrance fades away over the next three hours after application, ultimately leaving a neutral, non-smell. PUNCH bombs are odor neutralizers not odor maskers. PUNCH Bombs are available in CITRUS, FRESH LINEN, MINT TEA and LEMON.


PUNCH-Citrus is also an EPA registered disinfectant and mildewcide. It kills MRSA TB, Influenza A, mold, mildew and much more.  

Removing Blood & Red Stains – Complete Quick Guide

Here is your blood and red stain removal quick guide from the KE Chemists: TIPS:
  1. It is easiest to remove blood and other red stains when they are still wet. Dried blood stains are infamously harder to remove.
  2. Also, be sure throughout the process to blot the stain, not rub it, as this will only push the stain further into the carpet fibers. Use the following steps to eliminate blood and other tough red stains.
Treating Stains on Fabric, Upholstery & Carpet: Carpet: Step 1: Apply Peroxi-Power with a trigger-sprayer. Step 2: If the stain has dried, brush it well to remove the surface deposit. Step 3: Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with Peroxi-Power and blot until the liquid is absorbed. Repeat steps two and three until the stain disappears. Upholstery: Step 1: Apply Peroxi-Power with a trigger-sprayer. Step 2: If the stain has dried, brush it well to remove the surface deposit. Step 3: Using a clean white cloth, sponge the stain with Peroxi-Power. Blot until the liquid is absorbed. Repeat steps two and three until the stain disappears, then sponge the spot with cold water and blot dry. Fabric: Situation 1: If the stain is fresh, spray Peroxi-Power directly to the stain (3 triggers are provided no charge). Situation 2: For dried stains, brush the stain well to remove the surface deposit, then spray and soak in Peroxi-Power for 1 hour or more. Launder it as usual. If the stain remains, rewash using the type of bleach that's safe for the fabric. INSIDER INFORMATION: Why blood stains are so hard to remove? Hemoglobin is in blood and is the protein that carries oxygen throughout your body. Think of the hemoglobin like a paperboy or papergirl; throwing oxygen to all the muscles and organs as they travel throughout your body. Hemoglobin also acts similar to garbageman, grabbing onto and transporting other molecules around the body and just because hemoglobin is out of the body doesn’t mean it stops doing its job. So, the hard-working hemoglobin grab onto and bind with the carpet or any other surface that blood is exposed to. So, as you are trying to get the blood out, this group of stubborn little hemoglobin are holding on for dear life! That’s why Peroxi-Power works so well. The solution is formulated with powerful stain removing peroxide agents and specialty emulsifiers that safely break the bonds that any organic material is forming, like our hemoglobin to the carpet. WANT TO BE PREPARED NEXT TIME? Peroxi Power™ is a specially formulated cleaner that effectively removes grease, ink, coffee, blood, wine, kool aid, and a variety of other stains from carpet and upholstery. It is also an EPA classified ‘Green’ environmentally friendly product. It is applied as a mist directly on stains or added to carpet shampoo for noticeable color renewal and carpet protection.  
Peroxi Power

Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Ice Melt for your Facility

With so many deicers available its hard to know which one to buy, Here is a quick guide:

• Sodium Chloride: Rock Salt is the cheapest ice melting option. Prices can be as low as $3 per bag (50 lbs) depending on supply. However, you get what you pay for. Rock Salt will only melt snow and ice effectively at temperatures down to +16 degrees, but performs best in the mid-20s. Rock Salt (sodium chloride) is highly corrosive and will damage asphalt, concrete, metal, lawn and most other surfaces over time. Bottom line: short term savings, long-term costs. • Magnesium Chloride: A premium/high performance ice melt due to its effectiveness. It’s gentle on surfaces and vegetation. It is also pet safe and it doesn’t track as much as other deicers. It has a low environmental impact. It will melt snow and ice effectively down to -20F. • Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride is more expensive than both sodium and magnesium chlorides. It will melt ice to -25F. It is more corrosive than Magnesium but less corrosive then Rock Salt. It does track but will get the job done. • Liquid De-Icers: Ammonium sulfate, glycols, urea and formates are the most common on the market. Ideal for handicap ramps, entrance-ways, parking lots and steps. No ‘tracking” of salt or other compounds and most will melt to -25F. We’ve found the most effective ice melt plan includes both liquid and pellet ice melts. Experts advise to stay away from rock salt. A combination of Magnesium and a premium liquid ice melt for entrance ways is gaining popularity. Find specials on all these products on our website at  

Secret to Prevent ice on windshields – Simple, Safe & Eco-Friendly

Brrrrr...don't stand out in the cold this winter

Quick Formula from the KE Chemists: 1) Grab an empty spray bottle 2)Fill it 1/3 with white vinegar 3) Fill the rest up with water 4) Apply heavily to windshields & windows the night before temperatures drop 5)Be happy. No more ice to scrape and you won't be late for work! Check out INSTA-THAW for the ultra-strength, multi-day protection!