Quality Solutions for Correctional Facilities

With inmates, guards, staff and administrators gathered together in a high capacity, compact and high-stress environment, it is a unique challenge to keep correctional facilities clean and sanitary. Our high-strength cleaners and disinfectants are medical-grade and designed to kill the multitude of pathogens that inmates and staff are exposed to.

Our cleaning and sanitizing products are highly effective in correctional housing units, kitchens, laundries, restrooms, gyms and medical settings. Whether it’s killing pathogens, odors or bed bugs Kinzua is your key to maintaining a high level of sanitation and cleanliness.

Popular solutions for your industry:

Punch - Citrus

Disinfect & Odor Bomb



Blast Out

Blast Out Drain and Sewer Maintenance



Penetrant & Lube Pack

Lubricant variety pack

Punchout Pack

Punch pack variety pack

Disinfect & Sanitize Pack

Variety pack disinfectants

Odor & Bug Bomb Pack

Variety pack odor bombs