Quality Solutions for Cars & Trucks

We have a long history of providing public and private vehicle transportation services with the high-strength cleaners, lubricants, and penetrants that they need. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to ensure that your vehicle goes out in a clean, safe and proper state.

Our specialty products will give your passengers assurance that they are traveling in a clean and safe vehicle. Let us be your partner in creating a lasting impression that will keep your customers and passengers coming back.


Popular solutions for your industry:

Peroxi Power

Peroxi Power

Tire Wizard

KE-298 Tire and vinyl shiner

Champ +

Car wash and wax

Wizard Wax

KE-297 Auto and Marine Polish

Detail Maxx - Clear Coat


Grease & Lube Variety Pack

Lubricant variety pack

Odor & Bug Bomb Pack

Variety pack odor bombs

Terminator-Bed Bug Kill