Reopening Your Business with Punch Citrus Disinfectant Fogger


Disinfecting kills 100% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Only an EPA registered disinfectant will actually disinfect (Tip: An EPA number will be visible on the product label). An EPA-registered disinfectant has been tested and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. As part of the registration process, the EPA evaluates the product efficacy and that the claims on the label are accurate. Sanitizing kills and reduces the number of bacteria on a surface by 99% percent but does little to nothing about viruses and fungi. Sanitizing decreases the population of bacteria to meet acceptable public health standards. The majority of cleaning/sanitizing/disinfectant chemicals purchased in retail stores are actually only cleaners and/or sanitizers. Cleaning removes dirt and bacteria from objects and surfaces. If you are using soap and/or water then you are cleaning. Cleaning lowers the spreading of bacteria but has little effect reducing the number of viruses or fungi. If there are 1 million bacteria, viruses, and fungi on a surface then an EPA registered disinfectant will kill 100% of them. A good sanitizer will reduce the number of bacteria down to 10,000 but does nothing about virus and fungi. Cleaning makes the surface look nice but not much else.

The bottom line:

Sanitizing is better than only Cleaning, but complete elimination of bacteria, virus and fungi is only accomplished when you Disinfect with an EPA registered disinfectant.

Here are some quick tips:

  1. You only need to disinfect surfaces and objects that are touched often. The most common surfaces that the flu virus camps out on are desks, countertops, door handles, keyboards and faucet handles. Use your EPA registered disinfectant on these surfaces daily (the flu virus can infect a person for up to 48 hours after being deposited on a surface).
  2. Use an EPA-registered product that both cleans and disinfects instead of using multiple products that only clean or disinfect.
  3. It’s not necessary to disinfect floors and walls other than in restrooms and locker rooms. It's OK to use a simple cleaning solution for floors/walls in hallways and common areas.
  4. Use EPA registered disinfectant wipes on electronics, phones and computers instead of liquid or aerosol disinfectants.
  5. Be safe and do not mix cleaners and disinfectants unless the labels indicate it is safe to do so. Combining products like chlorine, ammonia, and bleach can result in serious injury or death.
  6. To ensure you are getting an EPA registered disinfectant purchase your disinfectants through a specialty chemical company not retail stores.
  7. Use disinfectant bombs frequently during flu season, here is Kinzua Environmental's disinfectant, deodorizing bomb: Check out our entire product line of EPA registered disinfectants!

Mold and Mildew Removal Guide

How Do I Remove Mold & Mildew?

First, it's good to know the difference between the two. Both mold with mildew are fungi that thrive in warm areas that have a lot of moisture. One of the easiest ways to tell mold from mildew is how each fungus looks. Mold typically has a fuzzy or slimy consistency and it colored green or black. Additionally, it usually grows beneath wet surfaces versus on top. Mildew is typically a fluffy or powdery consistency and colored white, gray or yellow. Additionally, it grows on the surface of areas that are exposed to moisture and warm temperatures. When conditions are right, mold and mildew can grow in as little as 24 hours! Exposure can cause respiratory illness, eye irritation, illness and more, so it's important to treat this as early as possible.

Both mold and mildew are commonly found in both commercial buildings and residential homes. Mold is often found in both indoor and outdoor spaces that have gotten wet, such as sheds, crawl spaces, basements, and garages. Mildew is more often found indoors, such as bathrooms, showers, sinks and the kitchen sink area, as well as cabinets. Removal of these pesky fungi can be challenging with so many products recommended in the marketplace. Most products are either made to remove mold or to remove mildew, however, Mold Boss from Kinzua Environmental is formulated to easily remove both.

MOLD BOSS combines powerful cleaning action with a stain remover to clean and whiten difficult mold and mildew stains. Recommended for use on many surfaces including: tile, grout, vinyl shower stalls and doors, shower curtains, sinks, wood and other surfaces with mold and mildew stains. It is recommended to also use Punch-Citrus mold killer fogger in any area that has consistent mold or mildew growth; or in a remediation program. By fogging the area prior to cleaning, you ensure all spores have been killed.


Mold Boss      

Trash Chute & Dumpster Cleaning and Odor Elimination

Kinzua Offers a Complete Chute & Dumpster Solution

Starting with a scheduled deep cleaning & deodorizing, followed by training your staff on a preventative cleaning maintenance plan they can do in-house between professional cleanings. After we are done training your staff on how to keep the chute clean and fresh, we provide the property manager with a schedule that can be monitored to ensure the maintenance plan is followed. We then offer optional installation of automatic misting and foaming systems that maintain your chute & dumpster throughout the year.

Hazards of Dirty Chutes:

If neglected, garbage chutes can also create serious problems for the building, such as grease fires, an out-of-control pest population, rancid food odors and excessive wear and tear on the compactor and chute. Not to mention the drastic decrease in indoor air quality that a dirty chute is sure to provide. Trash & Linen chutes are one of the most neglected areas of a building, and many property managers have found that by cleaning the chutes, you can dramatically decrease pests, such as cockroaches and vermin, in addition to eliminating ghastly odors. Ultimately, Chute cleaning reflects the building maintenance and is the staple in a well-managed building.

The Benefits of Clean Chutes:

Many of the benefits of chute cleaning are immediately apparent, such as the elimination of offensive odors and pests, the elimination of flammable grease, harmful bacteria and an improved quality of life of residents and employees. The fact this is often forgotten, is that replacing a chute in an existing building entails removing walls and the old chute and may cost around $3,000 per floor! Also, costs to repair an existing chute are about the same, typically billed on a time-and-materials basis. These extreme costs can all be avoided with annual or semi-annual trash chute deep cleanings, and an easy-to-follow preventative maintenance cleaning program that your in-house staff can follow in between cleanings.

Kinzua’s Process in Depth(Due to Covid- Currently Unavailable):

Step 1: Free On-Site Evaluation

During this evaluation our technicians will physically examine your chute and provide an analysis with recommendations along with a quote on any services. We typically advise deep cleaning chutes once or twice a year. It depends on the tenants and the way they use the chute, if the chute has ever been cleaned, and if it is a linen or trash chute.

Step 2: Preparations for the Big Day

Our team will go over the cleaning process and what to expect along with any preparations that need to be made prior to the scheduled appointment. Typically, the building needs to provide:
  1. Tenant notification a week ahead of time.
  2. 110 volt electric supply.
  3. A water source.
  4. A working drain, typically in the compactor room.
  5. Empty compactor.
  6. Notice of any special circumstances.

Step 3: Game Day

  1. On the scheduled day our team will set up all safety precautions & signs and will begin the cleaning with a high powered foaming applicator (Foam Master) and our specialty blended cleaning solution that is designed specifically to break-down the heaviest build-ups found in trash chutes, compactors & dumpsters (Sharpshooter). Sharpshooter not only deep cleans, but also deodorizes the chute walls.
  2. We then do a deep clean and scrub of the hopper doors on each floor and all surfaces of the compactor/dumpster. Then we pressure wash the chute walls & doors, compactor, dumpster and compactor room. At no extra charge we hand polish the exterior of the trash chute doors with our industrial-grade stainless steel cleaner. Also, the hopper door hardware is lubricated and tightened.
  3. The final step is to apply a thick foaming enzyme deodorizer to all surfaces of the chute, dumpster and compactor. This enzyme is available in a variety of fragrances, which you get to choose from.

Some bonus services we offer include:

  1. After our deep cleaning is done, we can install our Ultimate Mister system at the top or bottom of your chute, this system creates an automatic mist of our enzyme, that maintains a clean and fresh chute throughout the year.
  2. We offer deep cleaning your drain lines with our foaming enzyme. Using our high-powered foaming machine, we pump foam throughout your buildings drain lines, the enzyme foam then breaks down and biologically digests any organic matter that is present in your drain line. This process results in a dramatic increase in flow throughout your building.
  3. We also provide training and set up an easy-to-follow preventative maintenance cleaning program that your in-house staff can implement in between cleanings.

The Bottom Line:

People are often careless, hurried, or even negligent when it comes to getting rid of their trash. Not everything is properly bagged, and nothing is handled with care. The results can be a filthy, smelly, and disgusting mess. This accumulation shortens the service life of the system, leads to nasty smells, and creates a fire hazard. Neglected trash chutes are a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses, and also encourage insects and vermin. Dirty chutes are a serious health hazard, if somebody throws cigar and cigarette butts down the chute, that grease will catch fire. As garbage accumulates on the chute walls, it begins to rot and creates foul odors, and a breeding ground for microbial growth. Then people slide more trash in there and the microbes become an airborne irritant to the eyes and lungs. Although often neglected, trash chute cleaning is a vital maintenance project that should be a part of every building's maintenance program. Not only will these projects ensure happier and healthier residents, but it will also improve the integrity of the building. Kinzua’s specialized method of cleaning and sanitation provides immediate and lasting results. Our process cleans, deodorizes, and is environmentally safe and also:
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Ensures healthier air quality
  • Reduces fire risks
  • Fewer problems with rodents and insects
  • Removes garbage buildup
  • Safeguards against bacteria and viruses
  • Increases service life of chute, compactor, and bin
  • Identifies any problems with chute intake and discharge doors
  • Free estimates
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Courteous, efficient, and effective service

Sewage Treatment Odor Control

Wastewater treatment plants are the source of unpleasant odors as a result of the collection and processing of sewage and wastewater. The by-products created in the process like sludge and grease also contribute to the odor as a result of fermentation. There are many complicated methods of odor control, but why make it more complicated than it is.

A simple solution, like our SCENT-BLOCK, is pre-packaged with all the material needed to hang it. These heavy duty deodorizing blocks last up to 6 months! 100% organic, non-para material, available in 5 lbs and 20 lbs. Also commonly hung in sewers and manholes for long lasting odor control. Each block is conveniently prepackaged in the material needed to hang it.

Here is our ultra-strength SCENT BLOCK (KE-152B) destroying odors at a large sewage treatment facility.


Eliminate those Pesky Salt Stains from Floors, Vehicles and Equipment


The molecules in salt and ice melt are highly corrosive, which is why they are so great at melting ice. The problem is that chalky, white residue that is left behind. Not only does it look bad but if this residue is not properly removed, it will corrode away at the exposed surface resulting in rust.

The good news is that with Formula-X (KE-26D) or Formula-Z (KE-26DSR) you can easily remove salt stains in minutes and prevent corrosion and rust!

Formula-X and Formula-Z are commercial-grade salt and ice melt neutralizers. They are water-based, non-hazardous, and biodegradable. Both products attack the salt molecule NaCl and chemically neutralize it. Formula-X is designed for removing salt and ice melt from floors and indoor surfaces. Formula-Z is designed for removing salt and ice melt from equipment, vehicles and outdoor use. They are both concentrates and can be used as pretreatments or post treatments. Either product is safe for road salt and ocean salt exposure.


  • FORMULA-X: Hard surface floors (mopping), carpet and upholstery (misting with trigger sprayer), door panels, car mats, stairs, entrance ways and more.
  • FORMULA-Z: Vehicles (outside and inside), door panels, windows, tools, tires, roads, sidewalks, boats, air-conditioning coils and vents, windows, screen doors, boats, bicycles, fishing gear, patio furniture and more.


Hotels, restaurants, county and municipal garages, apartment buildings, boat and yacht clubs, school bus companies, taxi companies, rental car agencies, auto dealerships, trucking firms, truck washes and more.





Commercial Oven Cleaning Made Easy!

Commercial ovens are the pillars of any restaurant kitchen and must be kept clean and sanitized with an effective maintenance plan. The problem is that they’re used so aggressively and often, that they’re prone to accumulation of grease, grime, food particles, and other debris. This is not only a health risk, but can also lead to smoke and other hazards like fires. The good news is; it’s easy to prevent any of these issues with a maintenance & cleaning program.

Here are 5 easy steps:
  1. Schedule daily oven cleanings for the interior of the oven. Schedule these in the evening so that the oven doors remain open allowing it to air out.
  2. Control grease and food particles that are typically left on the oven surface. Making sure to clean these in a timely manner will prevent crusting and hardening that makes future cleanings more difficult.
  3. Manage spills and boil-overs immediately. This is another issue that is typically neglected and results in difficult cleanings down the road due to hardening and crusting.
  4. Remove racks and wipe down walls and doors with warm water or industrial oven cleaner, like Oven Doctor (KE-108Q).
  5. Schedule monthly deep cleanings using industrial oven cleaner, like Oven Doctor (KE-108Q). These deep cleans should cover the interior and exterior of the ovens.

In conclusion, while commercial oven cleaning may not top anyone’s list of favorite things to do, it’s an important part of running a clean and high-performing industrial kitchen.



Oven Doctor

The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors

Proper maintenance is essential to keep wood floors looking beautiful and performing well for the lifetime of the floor. To keep wood floors looking and performing well for generations, follow these simple guidelines:
    1. Schedule a weekly routine cleaning that involves sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming (using the bare floor setting) to remove dust and dirt.
    2. Clean spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
    3. Use a cleaner made specifically for wood floors, like Wood Wizard.

Wood Wizard is a concentrated mopping solution with a quick evaporation formula. Chemical cleaners that sit on wood floors too long, damage them and decrease the floors lifespan. Wood Wizard not only evaporates quickly, it deep cleans and renews wood finishes.



Wood Wizard

Ice Melt Solutions your Facility Needs

Keep Ice & Snow Away!


Granule Ice Melts & Salt:

    • MELT AWAY: Premium Magnesium Chloride Mix:Effective to -10F. A premium/high performance ice melt due to its effectiveness. It’s gentle on surfaces and vegetation. It is also pet safe and it doesn’t track as much as other deicers. It has a low environmental impact. (Pallets & Half-Pallets)
    • GS SCAPES:Effective to -10F. Each granule encapsulated with ICE-BAN. Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, won't harm concrete, asphalt, grass, sidewalks, etc. (Pallets & Half-Pallets)
Green scapes ice melt
    • ROAD RUNNER: Effective to -15F. Contains Calcium Chloride and enhanced with Magnesium Chloride. Safer than most ice melters on vegetation and concrete. (50 lbs Boxes)
Road runner ice melt
    • PET FRIENDLY: Effective to -20F. Specialty Ice Melt blend designed for application on surfaces where pets and wildlife exposure is a concern. (10 lbs shaker containers)
pet friendly ice melt
    • ROCK HALITE: Our Rock Salt will melt snow and ice effectively at temperatures down to +16 degrees. (Pallets)

Liquid De-Icers:

    • ICE ASSASSIN (KE-99C) Effective to -25F. Pretreatment that prevents ice from forming. Increases ground temperature and when used before freezing temperatures or a storm prevents a buildup of ice. Primarily used as a pretreatment and can also be used as a liquid ice melt after it snows. Perfect for entrance-ways, ramps and steps. (Gallons, Pails, Drums & Totes)
Liquid Anti-icer
    • MELT BOSS (KE-98) Effective to -76F. Clear liquid instant ice melting action! Often used in areas where salt or ice melt "residue tracking" is a problem. Prevents reformulation of ice and snow. Safe on vegetation, asphalt, and concrete.(Gallons, Pails, Drums & Totes)
Melt boss ice melter



Now Available: Odor-Out Lavender Chamomile & Mint Leaf

Clean & Deodorize with:


High-strength odor eliminator that encapsulates and neutralizes malodors at the source while leaving a pleasant scent. The Odor-Out formula is highly effective at neutralizing odors caused by animals, mildew, smoke, sewage, drains and any decomposing matter.


    • Carpet deodorizing mist.
    • An additive to carpet shampoo (safe for extractors).
    • Mopping solution that cleans and deodorizes.
    • Drain deodorizer.
         Additive to laundry detergent for eliminating odors and more.
Odor-Out Lavender Chamomile
Odor-Out Mint Leaf

Waterless Urinal Cleaning & Sealing

Clean & Seal your Waterless Urinals with:


Specifically formulated for use with Waterless or other non-flushing urinals. Upon contact, this cleaner is activated to break down any minute residual urine or other organic matter. The vertical urinal surface allows it to be transported by gravity into the trap insert. Using this product, the cleaning process is reduced to a simple spray and walk away action!


Specially engineered liquid to seal waterless urinal traps. This ensures that the trap will remain filled with liquid to preserve the “septic seal”. This seal prevents urine and other odors from entering through the trap. Urinal-Seal is ready-to-use directly from the container. Do not dilute.  

For more information & directions check out these products with a click:

Blitz II
Urinal Seal