We offer specialty custom formulation, manufacturing and private labeling services. Over the years we have found that most manufacturing, service, and distribution companies are missing out on easy additional revenue that a private labeled chemical will generate. We have partnered with businesses in a variety of industries including: Granite and marble distributors, cleaning and maintenance companies, carpet cleaning companies, roofing and construction companies, veterinary and pet lodging, industrial and manufacturing, retail, and more.

We support and maintain a large supply of blending vessels and storage tanks for compounding and custom batching.  Our equipment, in-house laboratory and experienced team enable us to manufacture unique blend formulas for any application.

We enforce strict quality standards both in our operations and from our suppliers and are committed to sound management of products at our facility and yours. Additionally, we provide training programs, comprehensive product information, safety recommendations, and chemical handling instructions to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for you and your employees.

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Custom Chemical Manufacturing

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