Quality Solutions for Public Housing Facilities

We understand Housing Authorities experience unique needs which require certain strength products to save labor, time, and costs. There is a reason why housing authorities consider Kinzua a trusted partner. Our service and knowledge of the specialty needs of these facilities is second to none and we continue to grow as a preferred supplier because our products yield results.

When it comes to neutralizing foul odors, cleaning tough grease and grime, and creating an environment that is pleasant to employees and residents, we have the solutions you need.

Popular solutions for your facilties:


KE-3048G Heavy Duty Cleaner

Carpet Genie

commercial carpet shampoo

Blast Out

Blast Out Drain and Sewer Maintenance



Total Floor Care Pack

variety pack floor cleaners

Odor-Out Variety Pack

odor out

Odor & Bug Bomb Pack

Variety pack odor bombs

Carpet Care Pack

variety pack carpet cleaners