Quality Solutions for Local and State Government

Cities, Counties, Towns and Villages have the unique challenge of maintaining a safe environment and aesthetically pleasing appearance under tight budgets. We understand that having numerous vendors can get messy, so over the years we’ve expanded our product line to include specialty products for a variety of departments within a municipality or local government including:

  • Fire & Police
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Street & Sewer
  • Utility
  • Wastewater
  • Water
  • And more

Popular solutions for your facilities:


Wasp and Hornet SPray


industrial hand cleaner


BLAST Heavy Duty Degreaser


salt and ice melt neutralizer

Zap - Concentrate


Lube & Grease Pack

Lubricant variety pack

Fresh Scents 6-Pack

odor spray air and fabric

Melt Boss - Liquid

Melt boss ice melter