Total Vegetation Kill (Concentrated 10-1)

Size: Pail (5 Gal)
ID: KE-122E
Packaging Variations: 5 Gallon Pail | 55 Gallon Drum
Shipping Class: Compound Weed Killer
SKU: GRN1271 Category:


This water dilutable concentrate provides up to one full season of non-selective vegetation control. Its concentrated characteristics are ideal in today’s cost conscious economy. Its nonflammable properties allow it to be used around previously potentially dangerous areas. Being noncorrosive to most metals, it can readily be used in areas with metal pipelines, equipment, sidewalks, parking lots, industrial sites, fence rows, etc. Dilution 1 part Zap-Concentrate to 10 parts water.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 12.75 × 12.75 in

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