A mixture of industrial strength aerosol lubricants, penetrants, and greases, this pack has applications from small chains too the largest machinery & equipment

Size: Case
ID: KE-9084
Packaging: 6 Cans
Tru-Tef | Tru-Shot | Tru-Shot II | Tru-Tef + | Chain-Glide | Tru-Moly
Shipping Class: Limited Quantity
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Case Contains:

TRU-TEF: Clear, tacky, Teflon lubricant with temperature range of -30F to +600F.
TRU-SHOT: Non-flammable penetrant, lubricant, demoisturant, and rust buster. Excellent all purpose lubricant, penetrates and loosens nuts and bolts.
TRU-SHOT II: Unique blend of lubricants, solvents, and demoisturants that penetrates the toughest rusted nuts and bolts, also contains graphite.
TRU-TEF +: Multi-purpose grease for use on fittings, pumps, u-joints, wheel bearings, etc. Immediately air-sures to a thick Teflon grease, effective from -30F to +375F.
CHAIN-GLIDE: Thick foam chain & cable penetrant and lubricant. Contains moly, clings to vertical chains, has a protectant in it that coats and protects the chain from future rusting.
TRU-MOLY: Industrial dry moly lubricant that adheres to metals, rubber, glass, and plastics. Contains no silicone, grease, oil, or graphite. High temperature and high pressure resistant, and will not attract dust.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 10 in

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