With a high-strength liquid ice melt, liquid ice pre-spray (this pre-treatment prevents ice formation), a salt neutralizer and cleaner, a shaker of Pet-Safe ice melt, and a powerful aerosol protective wax this pack has all the high-strength winter products you need.

Size: Case
ID: KE-9091
Packaging: 3 Gal, 1 Shaker, 1 Can
Melt Boss (1 Gal) | Ice Assassin (1 Gal) | Formula-X (1 Gal) | Pet-Friendly (9.5 lbs) | Bodyguard (1 Can)
Shipping Class: Compound Cleaning
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Pack Contains:

MELT BOSS: High-strength liquid ice melt (KE-98) ICE ASSASSIN: Heavy-duty ice preventative compound. Sprayed prior to storm (KE-99C) FORMULA-X: Salt & Ice Melt neutralizer and cleaner for floors and equipment. (KE-26D) PET-FRIENDLY: Ice melt that doesn't irritate paws in a convenient shaker canister (Pet Friendly) BODYGUARD: Convenient spray designed to increase plow efficiency. Helps prevent salt corrosion and protects metal surfaces. Ice and snow easily fall off of blade or shovel surface. (KE-55)

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 12.75 × 12.75 in

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