High-Strength Odor Eliminating Fogger that Effectively Eliminates Smoke, Pet, Food, Mildew, Tobacco, Sewage and other Organic Odors – Ideal for Dumpsters & Trash Chutes

Size: Case of 12 (6 oz) Cans
ID: KE-135MT
Packaging: 12 Cans/Case
Select from these Scents: Fresh Linen | Lemon | Mint Tea
Shipping: Limited Quantity
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Non-staining, total-release foggers that eliminate smoke, pet, food, mildew, tobacco, sewage and other organic odors. Ideal for apartment units, compactor rooms, trash chutes, elevator shafts, locker rooms, etc. Each can contains odor neutralizers that encapsulate the source of the odors. Simply lock down the trigger on the can which totally releases in 30 minutes. PUNCH foggers leave a pleasant aroma which fades away over 2 to 4 hours leaving an odorless, neutralized space. Each can treats over 8,000 cubic feet of space.

Select from these Scents: Fresh Linen | Lemon | Mint Tea

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 9.5 × 7 × 6 in

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