Wastewater treatment plants are the source of unpleasant odors as a result of the collection and processing of sewage and wastewater. The by-products created in the process like sludge and grease also contribute to the odor as a result of fermentation. There are many complicated methods of odor control, but why make it more complicated than it is.

A simple solution, like our SCENT-BLOCK, is pre-packaged with all the material needed to hang it. These heavy duty deodorizing blocks last up to 6 months! 100% organic, non-para material, available in 5 lbs and 20 lbs. Also commonly hung in sewers and manholes for long lasting odor control. Each block is conveniently prepackaged in the material needed to hang it.

Here is our ultra-strength SCENT BLOCK (KE-152B) destroying odors at a large sewage treatment facility.