The Best Way to Clean Wood Floors

Proper maintenance is essential to keep wood floors looking beautiful and performing well for the lifetime of the floor. To keep wood floors looking and performing well for generations, follow these simple guidelines:
    1. Schedule a weekly routine cleaning that involves sweeping, dust mopping, or vacuuming (using the bare floor setting) to remove dust and dirt.
    2. Clean spills immediately with a dry or slightly damp cloth.
    3. Use a cleaner made specifically for wood floors, like Wood Wizard.

Wood Wizard is a concentrated mopping solution with a quick evaporation formula. Chemical cleaners that sit on wood floors too long, damage them and decrease the floors lifespan. Wood Wizard not only evaporates quickly, it deep cleans and renews wood finishes.



Wood Wizard

Ice Melt Solutions your Facility Needs

Keep Ice & Snow Away!


Granule Ice Melts & Salt:

    • MELT AWAY: Premium Magnesium Chloride Mix:Effective to -10F. A premium/high performance ice melt due to its effectiveness. It’s gentle on surfaces and vegetation. It is also pet safe and it doesn’t track as much as other deicers. It has a low environmental impact. (Pallets & Half-Pallets)
    • GS SCAPES:Effective to -10F. Each granule encapsulated with ICE-BAN. Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, won't harm concrete, asphalt, grass, sidewalks, etc. (Pallets & Half-Pallets)
Green scapes ice melt
    • ROAD RUNNER: Effective to -15F. Contains Calcium Chloride and enhanced with Magnesium Chloride. Safer than most ice melters on vegetation and concrete. (50 lbs Boxes)
Road runner ice melt
    • PET FRIENDLY: Effective to -20F. Specialty Ice Melt blend designed for application on surfaces where pets and wildlife exposure is a concern. (10 lbs shaker containers)
pet friendly ice melt
    • ROCK HALITE: Our Rock Salt will melt snow and ice effectively at temperatures down to +16 degrees. (Pallets)

Liquid De-Icers:

    • ICE ASSASSIN (KE-99C) Effective to -25F. Pretreatment that prevents ice from forming. Increases ground temperature and when used before freezing temperatures or a storm prevents a buildup of ice. Primarily used as a pretreatment and can also be used as a liquid ice melt after it snows. Perfect for entrance-ways, ramps and steps. (Gallons, Pails, Drums & Totes)
Liquid Anti-icer
    • MELT BOSS (KE-98) Effective to -76F. Clear liquid instant ice melting action! Often used in areas where salt or ice melt "residue tracking" is a problem. Prevents reformulation of ice and snow. Safe on vegetation, asphalt, and concrete.(Gallons, Pails, Drums & Totes)
Melt boss ice melter



Waterless Urinal Cleaning & Sealing

Clean & Seal your Waterless Urinals with:


Specifically formulated for use with Waterless or other non-flushing urinals. Upon contact, this cleaner is activated to break down any minute residual urine or other organic matter. The vertical urinal surface allows it to be transported by gravity into the trap insert. Using this product, the cleaning process is reduced to a simple spray and walk away action!


Specially engineered liquid to seal waterless urinal traps. This ensures that the trap will remain filled with liquid to preserve the “septic seal”. This seal prevents urine and other odors from entering through the trap. Urinal-Seal is ready-to-use directly from the container. Do not dilute.  

For more information & directions check out these products with a click:

Blitz II
Urinal Seal

Are Bed Bugs Keeping You Awake?


TERMINATOR Bed Bug Killer has been developed to address the need for an effective bed bug killer without using noxious pesticides. Here are the highlights:

    1. Terminator Bed Bug Killer is non-toxic to mammals (the answer is yes, that does include you and your pets) made only with safe ingredients which qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations.
    2. Terminator is also effective on other insects­ including cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, fleas and more.
    3. It also has a 30 day residual, meaning it will kill any listed insects for up to 30 days after application.
    4. It does not stain and is safe on all fabrics, including pants, shoes, carpet, upholstery and more. You no longer have to risk bed bugs hitchhiking on your clothes!



Just what is a 25(b) exempt pesticide product? Pesticides are chemical agents which kill, mitigate, or inhibit a pest. The pest can be an insect, a fungus, a bacteria, a virus, etc. The US EPA has identified a list of inert ingredients, considered to have very low to no toxicity, which can be used to formulate a pesticide with the 25(b) active ingredients. These products are not required to be registered as pesticides by the EPA. There are certain other conditions which these products have to meet, including very specific labeling requirements, in order to bring these products to market. TERMINATOR Bed Bug Killer is made with two 25(b) active ingredients, soybean oil and cinnamon. All of the other ingredients used to produce Terminator are from the list of inert ingredients of low toxicological concern which can be used to make a 25(b) exempt pesticide. When applied as directed on the label, Terminator will kill bed bugs on contact. 100% mortality occurs within 5-10 minutes of application. Terminator is also effective on other insects­ cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, fleas and more. In addition, Terminator is residual for up to 30 days after application. Any of the listed insects coming into contact with a surface treated with Terminator will be killed for up to 30 days after application with a 100% Mortality Rate.



Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Ice Melt for your Facility

With so many deicers available its hard to know which one to buy, Here is a quick guide:

• Sodium Chloride: Rock Salt is the cheapest ice melting option. Prices can be as low as $3 per bag (50 lbs) depending on supply. However, you get what you pay for. Rock Salt will only melt snow and ice effectively at temperatures down to +16 degrees, but performs best in the mid-20s. Rock Salt (sodium chloride) is highly corrosive and will damage asphalt, concrete, metal, lawn and most other surfaces over time. Bottom line: short term savings, long-term costs. • Magnesium Chloride: A premium/high performance ice melt due to its effectiveness. It’s gentle on surfaces and vegetation. It is also pet safe and it doesn’t track as much as other deicers. It has a low environmental impact. It will melt snow and ice effectively down to -20F. • Calcium Chloride: Calcium chloride is more expensive than both sodium and magnesium chlorides. It will melt ice to -25F. It is more corrosive than Magnesium but less corrosive then Rock Salt. It does track but will get the job done. • Liquid De-Icers: Ammonium sulfate, glycols, urea and formates are the most common on the market. Ideal for handicap ramps, entrance-ways, parking lots and steps. No ‘tracking” of salt or other compounds and most will melt to -25F. We’ve found the most effective ice melt plan includes both liquid and pellet ice melts. Experts advise to stay away from rock salt. A combination of Magnesium and a premium liquid ice melt for entrance ways is gaining popularity. Find specials on all these products on our website at